Creighton Model

The Creighton Model is a natural form of fertility regulation. Our practitioners teach couples how to recognize periods of fertility and infertility, allowing them to make the mutual decision about whether to conceive a child or delay conception.

Because of its standardization, the Creighton Model can be used to recognize underlying medical issues such as infertility, abnormal cycles, premenstrual syndrome, and cysts. These issues can then be addressed with NaProTechnology, a new health science that is used to treat and correct abnormalities by working cooperatively with a women’s natural cycle.

Our practitioners meet with couples to give them an overview of the program in an introductory session. Once a couple decides they want to learn the Creighton Model, we meet with them for follow-up sessions until the couple feels confident in knowing their combined fertility.


Register for a Creighton Model Session

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