Lectio Divina

These small study groups are geared toward helping individuals to develop a deeper spirituality and prayer life. Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading) is prayer using scripture. It is unique because it fosters interior silence, opening the space for deep listening. Through Lectio Divina, individuals learn to be receptive to the voice of God.

Lectio Divina Schedule

Holy Family Church, 127 Chapel Drive, Syracuse, New York

Weekly meetings:

  • 8:00 pm Thursday
  • 10:00 am Friday

For more information on these weekly sessions, please call:
(315) 488-3139 ext. 16

Saturday Meetings:

  • Saturday (except the 2nd and 3rd of the month)

These meetings are a modified bible study.

For more information, please call:
Mike Pauley (315) 488-2478